Naturepulse™ - How it works

Clinical studies have shown that Naturepulse™ therapy stimulates the natural production of endogenous Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) within blood vessels. This increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels plus the release of a new micro-circulation in the treatment area.

VEGF also stimulates the release of anti-inflammatory, and therefore pain relieving, Nitric Oxide and Prostacyclin PG12 which act immediately on surrounding tissue. Naturally enhanced blood flow also increases beneficial oxyhaemoglobin, nutrient and hormone levels within those tissues.

Lastly, VEGF stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in that region of the body. This may take a few days to start but the process begins as soon as the local VEGF is released.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Easy Steps to getting Started with Naturepulse™

Clinical Analyses

Clinical analyses of Naturepulse™

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