Sports Injuries

Naturepulse™ - Sports Injuries

Reduce your downtime and get back in the game!

  • Acute (trauma) injury related to sports and accidents
  • Tendon and Ligament damage
  • Torn and strained muscles
  • Pain relief for chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis
  • Used in conjunction with existing physiotherapy techniques

Naturepulse™ is an innovative new approach to electro-therapy using a proven technique designed to accelerate the rate of recovery of damaged tissue.It stimulates cells in the damaged area, putting them into an 'alert' condition, causing the production of natural chemicals that relax tissue, stimulate repair, reduce inflammation and improves local microcirculation.

Naturepulse™ for acute often 'sports related' muscle and joint pain conditions:

  • The muscle tear on the rugby or football pitch
  • The twisting of the knee when skiing
  • The Achilles tendon problem or frozen shoulder

Naturepulse™ for chronic conditions:

  • Long-term back, shoulder, lumber, knee, ankle, hands & fingers, foot & toe injuries or conditions. Use of Naturepulse can reduce the amounts of pain killers required and is a natural adjunct to the pain budget in GP practices and recovery clinics.
  • Work-related pain such as RSI and tennis elbow
  • Naturepulse™ does not promise complete recovery from chronic degenerative illnesses such as arthritis, but is effective at dealing with the pain aspect associated with the illness.


Accelerates recovery, Reduces downtime, Easy to apply and Easy to operate

Sports Injury


Sports Injury




What our customers say:

I used the Naturepulse on my knee following a diagnosis for patella tendonitis which had been causing significant pain when playing sport and also going up and down stairs. Naturepulse has significantly helped to not only reduce the pain, but also aid in the recovery of the damaged tendons in my knee. This can be verified by the fact that I am now able to run and use stairs with less pain than before and although my recovery is ongoing I have been impressed with the progress made so far. With its robust design, easy to use interface and huge amount of applications, I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Winston Carter, Hampshire

Last month I was given the opportunity to try the Naturepulse electrotherapy device. I am no stranger to electropulse devices, after using a TENS machine for previous complaints. I should also say now that I am a trained sports massage practitioner.

On first sight, I had a number of questions about the Naturepulse:

  • would it work?
  • was it an existing treatment in a new package?
  • would it hurt?

I guess I am quite a good guinea pig for a trial as I am quite a bit 'broken' in quite a few places - dodgy knees, stiff neck tennis elbow, lower back pain.. (why not shoot me now and put me out of my misery?!).
So, over the last few weeks I have used the Naturepulse on all of my ailments.

The big difference for me from a traditional electrotherapy machine is the different programmes that each of the treatments go through. This is in combination with targeting specific muscles via the electrode placement and the pre-programmed cycles for individual muscles, or muscle groups. This gives the maximum chance of getting the blood flowing through the muscles, speeding up healing and easing pain. The strength of the pulses can also be controlled very simply, so you can choose a level you feel is effective but comfortable, depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated.

I found that the Naturepulse was particularly effective on my ITB (Iliotibial band). This long, sinewy tendon that runs from your gluteus maximus to your knee can get tight and painful. I found that after 2 treatments, the pain had eased. On this area, I could crank up the machine as the area being treated is not that sensitive. I felt that, being a big muscle, I wanted a heftier impulse. The Naturepulse was also very good on my lower back, although this area was more sensitive and needed more treatments at a lower intensity.

Overall, I think the programmes that have been devised for each of the muscle groups have been well thought-out and are a good alternative source of pain relief. I have also found that there have been on-going benefits of using the Naturepulse in terms of improved muscle function.

Ezra Mosley, Alton Hampshire

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